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Mar 23, 2019 21:28:46

Eyes 👁

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Jason Leow

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Glowing amber, deep and rich.

Vast, distant, bluish steel-grey.

Yellows and reds shimmering and radiating in a sea of jade-green.

An innocence of quiet ocean-blue.

It's easy to forget that the beauty of the soul lies in the eyes, when you stay in a country where everyone wears the same exact colour, the exact same gaze. Perhaps it's also a telling indication of the souls of the people - of how they live, of what they are and aim to be, of how much passion they have - from the colours of their eyes. 

Now, having seen so much from so many at this place where global souls gather, I feel like I'm slowly drowning in enchantment of those colours. How can one not be touched by a vision that peers into the depth and breadth of another being's soul? 

When was the last time you looked into the eyes of another, to truly witness, understand and feel how that person is like? How does it feel to fall into their world, to see as they see, and feel as they are, dream as they do? 

Why did God give our eyes colours? Is it not to tell a better story, like colour television after black and white?

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