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Apr 01, 2019 04:08:26

Extroverted Introverts

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Victoria Maung

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Buzzfeed published an article yesterday titled 19 Things That Will Make All Extroverted Introverts Go, "Same".

Is that what an ambivert is? I wonder what proportion of the population on the internet then identifies as such, and whether or not the internet simply self-selects for this sort of personality.

A part of me wants to dispel the whole "introvert-extrovert" dichotomy and pin this seemingly demographic-specific behavioral shift to a single, underlying existential cause.

Characterized by enjoying people-watching, being shy in front of strangers, liking the idea of socializing and finding it exhausting, and more, maybe all extroverted introverts simply demonstrate a minor degree of social anxiety. 

After all, possibly we're so used to interpersonal interaction via our social media alter-egos (a.k.a. a sculpted internet persona of ourselves because of spell-check, proof-reading, AI-recommended stickers and gifs, etc.) that we get a little anxious at misrepresenting our better, more articulate and put-together selves when we meet others in person.

Our virtual selves enable easier homogeneity with other virtual people via a new standard internet language, and maybe when we meet physical people, we don't quite easily understand to what degree we can diverge from being a "normal" person to stay in that person's good impression and company. 

Perhaps it's this normalization of the homogeneous internet personality that contributes to this tension of not being accustomed to reading other people. 

Is it adversely affecting the relationships we build in real life?

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