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Feb 18, 2019 13:08:47

Extreme Ownership

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Forgot to write this yesterday so here's some lessons from Extreme Ownership so far. I'm about halfway into the book at 1.5x. #200wordsTIL

Long distance running is great for reading 👌


First, @jockowillink's voice is incredibly soothing. You can be crawling through hell on all fours and that voice makes you go "You know what, this ain't so bad, I can do this"


Second, he uses a lot of war-time stories from Iraq. Changed up to avoid revealing info and keep the lessons.

They're strangely relatable.


So, lessons 👇

YOU are responsible for everything. If you are the leader, you own the outcomes. If you are not the leader, you still own _your_ outcomes.

This is scary and empowering.


When you own the outcome, not just the action, 2 things happen:

1) You can analyze your action and find better actions

2) You avoid the victim mentality. YOU are in control. You can achieve victory despite external conditions.


Another big lesson in Extreme Ownership is that you can't do it alone. You need a team.

You might already have a team and not realize it. It's not you versus them. It's you AND them versus the problem.


Strong teams with bad leaders lose.

Okay teams with strong leaders win.

The leader's personality permeates the team.

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