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Dec 29, 2018 19:43:21

Every day is a new day

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Brandon Wilson

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Today is a new day. You still have memories from the previous days, months, years, and of course, you are going to bring that "baggage" to the new day. Some of the "baggage" is good. Your good habits, your streaks, your positive accomplishments. Some of the "baggage" is bad. 

It doesn't matter what happened yesterday or last weekend or last month. Today is a new day that is full of opportunity. Today you can reset yourself and try again. Today you can achieve the goal you missed yesterday. Today you can try something new that you were too afraid to try yesterday. Today you can finally work on something you have been putting off.

The Beatles sang about longing for yesterday. With all due respect to the Beatles, what purpose does this serve? Yesterday already happened. As Stephen King likes to write in his novels, "Done bun can't be undone."

I would rather long for tomorrow. Yes, people talk about living life today like it's your last day, but at the same time, I'm also going to bank on making it to tomorrow. It's worked so far, and I suppose it will continue to work every time except the last time.

Each day is a new day full of opportunity and promise. In the midst of both chaos and routine, it is a good reminder.

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