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Sep 11, 2019 05:54:51

Environment And How To Preserve It

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God created man on the planet, and created with him different kinds of living organisms and inanimate objects that work together to provide him with a normal and healthy life free from diseases. on her.

Definition Of The Environment

The environment is everything that surrounds human beings and inanimate elements such as air, water, soil, rocks, plants, and animals. Air, water, and dust from contamination.

How To Preserve The Environment

Reducing environmental pollution is a healthy and healthy way to preserve the integrity of the environment and ensure the balance of its components and their interaction together naturally without deviation, and humans have an active role in this because it is the main influential and affected in the environment, and ways to preserve the environment:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the place where we live, whether it is the home, school, workplace or otherwise, disposing of garbage properly and not putting it in front of the house and accumulation; Region.
  • Disposal of waste products that are not useful, such as boxes, cloth, and food residues, because the accumulation leads to the accumulation of harmful insects and microbes, and is a source of the smell of bad smell.
  • Increasing the planting of trees, plants and flowers, because they help to purify the air of pollutants, and increase the rate of oxygen in the atmosphere, and provide a safe haven and a place to live some organisms, and they add beauty to the place.
  • Raising the awareness of citizens of the importance of planting trees, taking care of them and preserving them, and preventing their felling or handling.
  • Rationalization of water consumption and non-excessive use, through the use of rational tools installed on water taps, and not to leave the taps of water for a long time, and the use of the bucket when washing cars or rinse floors, and follow the system of drip irrigation instead of sprinklers.
  • Reduce the use of chemical detergents and toxic substances as much as possible because they affect the ozone layer, which protects the earth from hot sunlight and harmful radiation.
  • Training farmers on how to choose suitable crops for soil type, and how to preserve the soil and protect it from increasing salts there.
  • Spreading environmental awareness among people and the importance of preserving the environment, its benefits and the harmful effects of pollution on all living organisms. Leaflets, brochures and lectures can be used in schools, universities and neighborhoods.

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