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I think this is one of the most powerful tools an individual can possess. What is empowerment? I think empowerment requires three elements: plan, confidence, volition, then action. I think it took me a long time to learn how to be empowered.

Every action requires a plan. It doesn't have to even be a thorough plan. Planning requires envisioning the how to take the first step and having a vague idea about the steps thereafter until the goal is reached. However, the best scenario is when someone knows multiple pathways, or sequence of events, it takes to accomplish an end goal. The flexibility of alternate plans increases the probability of success. 

Then, confidence must be mustered before taking that first step. One needs the boldness and preparedness to face any potential learning curve or other obstacle, no matter how steep. Anticipation of failure, metered expectations, and having faith in the opportunity to try again are crucial to maintaining confidence in a goal. 

Volition, or will, is the decision and commitment towards an action. It is the act of taking all your considerations into account, mustering confidence, then firmly committing to the first step. It is overcoming laziness, which normally foresakes conscious volition. Then lastly, the first step--or action.

One can be disempowered if any of these elements are robbed. When someone fusses over a toddler when she falls down, she loses the confidence to fall again because she learns that falling down is an error of egregious magnitude.

Or when I was in middle school, I used to walk during my races in track meets because I knew I wouldn't be able to place. I had no confidence, no plan of improvement, nor the agency to do my best. 

Or imposter syndrome has led to me shying away from sharing my ideas, making an impression, and led to a general inability to act on something you want to do.

But now in many areas of my life, I feel like most things are accessible with the right mental framework.

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