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May 04, 2019 20:24:40

Elton John

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So the day is fastly approaching its end and I didn't write my 200 words. Anyway, let's do it now. :)

Yesterday and the day before I was in Vienna (the capital city of Austria). I'm regularly out there as there are many concerts because of the huge venues Vienna has. Also, the company I work at has an apartment in the "Gasometer"-Area so I don't have to drive home after a concert.

Sure its only one and a half hour drive from where I live, but after a long day and a long concert, I'd like to relax and don't think about driving down the highway to my apartment.

So this Thursday I saw Elton John in Vienna's City Hall. I already saw him a few years ago, but since he announced that this tour will be his last tour, I thought I should attend.

And of course, it was the right decision. He played a 3-hour concert with only minutes in between him talking about "the old days" and it was worth every penny.

Since I'm mainly listening to Symphonic and Heavy metal some of my friends ask me why I was there. There is probably no simple answer. I also was at an Amy Macdonald concert a few weeks back, which also doesn't quite fit in a heavy metal based playlist.

But I grew up with the music of the 80s from my mom and traditional music from my father. I always had those two extremes. Maybe that's the reason I can almost hear every music and most importantly enjoy it.

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