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May 21, 2019 18:25:24

Eating my dreams and time

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Sometimes I think that tomorrow will be better, but nothing happens. Why? Because I don't realize dreams, I don't take action to make them come true. I eat and live with dreams.

So I realized it recently while I was keeping my negative diary. I just felt something bad and tried to understand why I feel it. So, my eating dreams was the main reason of why I feel not comfortable.

To be honest, I don't love to write "I" here, when I talk about my problems. I don't want to be an example of the situation that happened to me, but who is if I am not?

But me situation isn't lost, because I develop myself and try to become better. I am coming to my dreams by small steps and it isn't bad.

But the problem with eating dreams is with me. I dream a lot, and maybe, sometimes these dreams get a lot of energy and my brain thinks that I achieved it. So, it means that I can stop to achieve the goal. It's done.

By the way, it's a reason why it's bad to dream a lot β€” your brain don't give you energy for this dream.

Also, I have a problem with time management. I want to combine my job, my projects, hobbies and personal life in one day. But it's hard for me now. How to find the balance between this all?

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