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Apr 22, 2019 09:23:40

Dreams & Commitments

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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Because life is messy and there are many "things" competing for our time and attention, I find it enormously useful to set boundaries between different life areas and commitments, especially when an overlap doesn't enhance my progress, but inhibit it.

What do I mean by this?

Sports are a great example of a productive overlap: they combine fostering social relationships, physical activity, and fun (recreation). All these areas are enhanced.

Trying to work while having my daughter draw next to me (which I attempted to do a couple of days ago) means I'm not giving my daughter nor my work my full attention. The two activities were competing and, therefore, each inhibited the progress of the other.

Setting boundaries helps us focus properly on the activity at hand and the goal we're looking to achieve. I use boundaries a lot between different types of activity so I can organize my work. I think of them as Work Modes or Time Slots that focus on one type of tasks and excludes others.

I distinguish between Meaningful Work and Mundane Work, for example. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel like doing any mundane work, and yet my attention during meaningful work would be distracted by my obligation towards mundane tasks (changing a lightbulb, taking my car for servicing, etc).

One useful distinction I like to make is between dream projects and current commitments. For a long time I resisted working on dream projects even though that's all I can think about. That meant I wasn't working on my current commitments, nor making progress with my dream projects (horrible overlap).

I'm now splitting my time between the two and focusing on each separately. That way I can make progress in both without feeling guilty or distracted.

What dream projects are you putting off? Can you carve out time to work on them?

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