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Dec 05, 2018 07:42:21

Dreaming awake.

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Often in life, I don't know what I want. Especially on the front of work. Finding something I am "passionate" about. Let me immediately say how dangerous this is, searching for something you are passionate. Approaching it in this way might turn you into someone that can't enjoy anything.

When I think about sports and fitness, it's easy to imagine what kind of body I would want. Healthy, fit, low body fat percentage, strong. In shape/athletic basically. This is easy because it's already designed by nature. The God designer. 

But when it comes to finding a profession to be passionate about, it's not the same. It's hard to visualise. It's a human-made-up-thing. Graphic designer, developer, illustrator, whatever. 

We have examples of people we look up to and we might want to impersonate. It will bring you closer, skill-wise, but most probably you won't be as "passionate" about it. 

What if we instead try to visualise. I call it dreaming awake. I remember this lecture from Jordan Peterson in which he talks a bit about lucid dreaming and the function of dreams. He met a carpenter who is illiterate. Obviously, he is unable to google or find information to solve his problems. Instead, what happens, when he is stuck and he goes to bed. In his sleep, his father would come to him and show him how to deal with the problem. 

Jordan Peterson went on talking about how this probably means that the brains have a lot of power and problem-solving abilities. And also that maybe when we put things into words, it attaches itself to those words and we lose the power of visualisation and dreaming. 

But we can dream every day. Stay in bed a bit longer and learn to lucid dream a bit. It might show you some interesting bits. Sometimes when I see something inspiration or something I would really like to do, I close my eyes, I visualise and try to imagine what it would be like to have a similar life.  I get stimulated and motivated to do more and try more. 

And I ask myself questions to stimulate my visualisations:

Do I see myself as a writer? What would my daily life look like? What kind of books would I like to write? Would I want to be famous? etc.

You can visualise anything.

As a boyfriend, as a father, as a friend, how do I want to be perceived by others? Do I want to be a more calm and sane person or would I rather be emotional and instinctive? (Mind you, this does not mean living for others, I'm purely talking about visualisation). 

Einstein would solve problems by lying on a chair and hold a coin in his hand. He would fall asleep, the coin would drop from his hand, thus waking him up. The small amount of time would allow him to enter his unconscious and find the answers to problems he couldn't figure out before. Answers would come to him this way.

Sometimes as a programmer I'm stuck on something. I take a break and go to the toilet and magically the answer arrives. 

This also happens in the shower. Basically, moments where we don't engage our conscious brain so much.

Try it.

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