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Feb 05, 2019 19:41:56

Down & Chinatown

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Daniel Lucas

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It took a good while for the enormity of the campus to dawn on me, for the magnitude to cover me, like a nuclear blast from a few miles out you watch the cloud of debris, of dust, of capital, charging forward, indiscriminately pulsating and engulfing homes, women and children – my inner psyche struggling to catch up, and find purpose as I walked along the field, along the research labs, through the parking garage, in an ill-fitting button down (formal or even semi-formal attire being something I banished long ago) to the rental car, hands clammy and my hair legs pulsating. The most anxious interview of my life in the rear view, the waves of dust revealing repose – a tug in my belly, a whisper that roots were chomping.

It had taken us almost a year to figure out our move, probing for studio space as we slowly took over the Wonderland offices, the flower of our growth in the shadow of their wilting, we daily analyzed our needs as the team pulsated – two, to three, to four, to three, to five, to three – until the innocuous morning we were offered a diamond in the rough, with the right amount of square footage, and a price you only get via personal connections – as we were – it would prove to be the beginning of the end, our demise crouched behind the moment of growth, now shining bright as I stood in the studio one last time, looking over the barren walls and emptied half, my half, where I built and created and devised, where I had adulterously prepared my escape – my tongue prickly and limp, the debris nestled on my eyelids, my shoulders, I sucked in the air, thick with our successes, failures and accomplishments, as my breath rose in my belly, the fulfillment engulfed me. 

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