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Apr 02, 2019 21:41:14

Don't hunt for a tool,hunt for a new philosophy

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Yesterday is a big day: the first day of the month, the second quarter of 2019. Before the day, I have no clear outline of how to achieve my goals in the next 30 days. I am always hard working in a blind way. Thanks to 200 WaD community, I read plenty of month or quainter reviews by other writers, I couldn't ignore that people who writing daily is more self-discipline and self-improvement all the time. Though I started my streaks in February, I read nothing on Mar 1 to look around what others were writing since I failed to arrange time to read others posts before or after I finished my hard writing assignment when 200 words was kind of hard for me.

Now, time teaches me a great lesson that don't just hunt for a tool, hunt for a philosophy which would broaden your eye towards a better yourself. I used to be upset by the reality that I devoted time and effort but no improvements are accumulated to be accountable. I know something is missing all the time but I couldn't tell. I thought I was a tool-motivated people and proud of it, but I should go much further other than hunting and experimenting with new tools to get works done better. The philosophy behind the tool designer is much more significant. For example, 200WaD is not just a platform to write daily routine, it's also about sharing and discovering new thoughts among the people who put self-improvement in the priority than other bloggers. I didn't realize that when reading others' posts impresses and inspires me in the way beyond expectation.

Put simply, it's a great start for April.

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