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Feb 22, 2019 19:38:44

Don't be in focus

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Why does everyone say that if you want to be productive you must focus on something? People who take this advice, sometimes give up in some time. They hate themselves because they can't be productive as a human who gave this advice. 

Why does nobody tell that you need to learn how to concentrate, how to be in focus? Why does nobody tell that it's a habit?

So, if you wanted to hear it. I can say it. Concentration is a habit. You need to train yourself to be in focus.

Maybe you have a question: how to train yourself and don't be tired?

The answer is simple. Train yourself little by little, piece by piece, step by step. It seems physical exercises. At first, your dumbbells weight one kilogram. In two weeks they become to weigh heavier and etc.

The same with concentration. At first, you concentrate on something for 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, until you can be in focus for 50 β€” 90 minutes. 

To save the concentration for a long time you need to take breaks every 50 β€” 90 minutes. Relaxation is wholesome for us, our brain.

To relax effectively, your brain must be free from excess work. For example, 20 minutes of "relax" with a phone or watching funny videos with kitties isn't effective compared with 5 minutes of meditation or physical exercises.

I wish you relax and concentration.

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    @monolesan Agreed, it is the little things which slowly accumulates creating something we call a " snowball effect". Also, like you said, taking break matters but choose a wiser way. Instead overworking our brain, why not just relax and stop touching anything that's causing tense in our body and mind? meditation is indeed more effective than watching kitten do some "cute" stuff.

    macchiata avatar macchiata | Feb 22, 2019 15:53:26
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