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Jul 25, 2019 13:48:33

Doing hard-ish things.

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Brian Ball

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Riding an exercise bike, I notice my muscles start to send signals.

It's not a happy feeling. It doesn't make me want to smile — not like somebody scratching that itch on your back you can't reach without a little help.

No, it's almost like — like a little kid whining (or a grown-ass, adult male, if we're honest. 

Whining. Annoying. Not actually painful, however, just a signal of some sort that my muscles send up and my brain perceives as discomfort.

I used to think -- uggh. This sucks. I'll stop and go have a snack. Making a smoothie with peanut-butter is kinda healthy. Right? 


After 47 days of daily sweat - I know the difference. I'm re-training my mind to re-define the meaning of the signals.

It's not whining, it's warming up.

Now, when the pedaling causes discomfort, I speed up and push harder. It helps me get warmed up faster. What I really love is those endorphins - the brain chemicals that make us happy. Those get released after a while. The timing is not precise and it's not instantaneous.

So, I have to push through.

The endorphin release is what 'helps' get you addicted.

Meth-amphetamine, if I'm not mistaken, causes the floodgates of endorphins and happy brain chemicals to open wide and flood your brain. This is why people take drugs. They want to be happy. And, they want it now, in a controllable way. ( as in they can control when they get them -- not that they're in control once they have them )

Turns out, endorphins are also why many people exercise. It makes you feel good and all you have to do is squeeze through that thorny bushes that poke and prod you a bit before you end up on the private, white-sand beach with clear blue water that you can splash around naked in.

Did you get your sweat on today?

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    @brianball The first 15 minutes are always the hardest! Goes for hiking, yoga, HIIT workouts and anything for that matter! But once your mind finally accepts it's current situation, it kicks in!

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jul 25, 2019 15:49:55
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      @jacklyons - hmmm.. so it's 15 minutes then? That would make it a lot easier on my mind. One time, I was on a 100 mile bike ride with my dad. He'd done it before, I hadn't. About 2/3 mark, there was a huge climb -- about 7-8 miles worth. About the last two miles, he kept saying, Oh, it's just around this next corner. Oh, it's just around the next corner. Humans don't like to think they know it's the next corner, then be wrong. We'd rather not know. So, I won't mark 15 minutes down as the definitive answer, but I know what you mean about Give Up -- and just put your head down and push through it point.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 25, 2019 15:19:26
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