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Dec 14, 2018 17:14:23

Do you mind if I offer an observation?

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The question, while thoughtful, put me on alert. You're thoughtful enough to ask, but are you patient enough to give me the time to think through my reply? What if I can't carry on this conversation in real time? I need to actually consider the implications of what it might mean for you to offer the observation?

Do I want to hear your thoughts? Would they re-shape my impression of you? Would they be helpful? What if they feel negative? Do I feel safe enough to hear your thoughts?

What if...

What if I prefer to live a life shaped and colored by my imagination. Too much reality is like too much salt in food. It removes any possibility of enjoyment.

While you wait for my reply, I'll ask you a question. Have you considered whether the observation will increase my life enjoyment? Are you clear on your intention and the possible results? Or, will it provide that extra shake of reality that might already be bordering on too much?

Thank you for the offer. I sense you mean well. 

My reply is this. 

The offer to observe, shows me how much you care. The delivery of the observation isn't required. 

Might you draw me a picture instead?

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