Jan 06, 2019 12:46:55

Do you love? Consistency is the key

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How does one measure love? 

You don't. 

It's something that is grown over time. All the little acts of kindness, like bringing a drink without her asking. Or her waking up and the first thing she does is hug you. You put away the phone when you talk to each other (I have to do this more 😅).

You can't buy love with an expensive present, an expensive trip or whatever. At first glance, it looks so important. Big house, great car, expensive jewellery. It is still celebrated in today's society. 

Bringing a drink without being asked for it, just doesn't seem that important when you hear about the above. But why does one fall in love with another? It's not the big statements, it's the consistency. 

The consistency of doing it every time. The single moment in itself is not important, but the consistency grows on one another.

I have this bit from the great Simon Sinek. He mainly talks about leadership in companies. He talks about why people love their work opposed to just like their work. He talks about leaders, saying "hi, how is your day" every day vs "sorry, hurrying to a meeting" kind of leader. The former is where people will love their job, the latter is where they like it (probably cause of good pay, etc). 

I start to believe now the same works for marketing. We all believe we need that viral video. The big shot to make it big. But what if you take the other approach and you start out with nothing but build up the consistency of blogging every day. Or create a video every week. Slowly people will find you and if they love the value you provide, they will slowly love you. Because they know what they can expect and they love that consistency.

Love and consistency seem to be such a parallel thing. It's all about long-term success. Not the short-term f*ck - which is fun but you cannot compare the two. Today's society is way too focussed on the short-term, instant gratification and what not. Simon is spot on.

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