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Jan 12, 2019 18:46:35

Do I let myself pass too easily?

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To keep myself productive and healthy I track my doings on daily basis with an app. Previously I have kept my aim to getting around certain amount of items done from the list. This year, however I decided to do it a bit differently. I want to improve every day, do more than I did on a previous day.

Earlier I wrote about the issue it brings once I get to the high enough daily completion count. Sometimes I just need to take day off and reset the count to a more manageable level. Another issue I have now noticed is the fact that I tend to try and keep it at the as low as possible level to be able to keep up with the goal of improving every day. I don't want to make huge jumps as that would mean either I need to keep my score that high and keep increasing it which becomes tedious quite fast.

I have also pondered about the limits I allow myself to mark those items completed. Sometimes I might do a lot for an item, other days it might be minimal. Take exercising for example: I don't care if it's ninety minutes at the gym or 7-minute workout at home. Those both count as exercising. But having multiple such choices it becomes apparent that the shorter, less demanding activities get the priority to be able to complete more tasks.

I'm not sure this method works too well. But sure, I've just getting started with it. Maybe, over time it shapes itself to a well functioning one. Or then I just need to find the next one.

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