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Feb 17, 2019 09:22:33

DIY Tile Job Part 1

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Brian Ball

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My friend has an opportunity to move into a new place. The place isn't new, it's 60 years old. On top of that, it needs some tender loving care  (tlc).

The tlc looks a lot like work. In fact, it is exactly that: new materials, new ideas and lots of muscle-numbing work.

Today, we're laying tile in the kitchen. Unlike writing, one can do on a laptop with a couple of ideas. Laying tile requires more.

The tools and materials required are as follows:

Some way to cut the tiles - a single shape doesn't work for any given rectangle or otherly shaped location like a kitchen attached to a dining room. We're using a proper wet saw with a diamond blade for cutting tile.

Now that we have a way to cut the tile, we need to lay it in a pattern. There are as many ways to lay it down as there are ideas. We'll pick something simple.

We need to lay the tiles so the grout between them doesn't bear the brunt of the foot-traffic. We need to measure the room, find the center and then offset the tiles that will flow down the walking path. This is the starting point. This will create  a need for many  different sized tiles as the edges reach cabinets, doorways and openings for appliances. 

We didn't mention how to pick a tile shape or pattern - a potentially overwhelming process in itself. But, stay tuned for more on how to get the tile to stay in place.

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    @brianball Hard work indeed!
    Is that the reason you disappeared...?
    You can train on tilelike posts... One in the middle of the month will not do the trick though, no "flow down" anywhere, is there?

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 27, 2019 22:48:28
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      @lucjah - I spent some time visiting / helping the generations above me. I started to say the oldies, but realize I'm also among their ranks now. ;-)

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Mar 02, 2019 12:10:35
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      @brianball hihi... ok, helping "the old" is a noble thing :D

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 02, 2019 22:41:17
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    @brianball Been there done that. Thank God for Illegal Immigration.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 17, 2019 18:38:47
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      @RealNegotiator - God answers prayers on both sides of the wall. ;-)

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Feb 25, 2019 19:44:31
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      @brianball ?

      Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 26, 2019 17:35:25
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