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Mar 19, 2019 20:09:36

Disordered hair

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Not until I went to college did I start to take care of hair. My hair is straight black and never have been curved or colored before with a haircut once a year. It's rare for most girls. I am not meant to do so, I just ignored my hair as much as possible. It's not a burden for me, not a proud dedication neither.

Though I said I start to take care of my hair, I took less effort to attractive hairstyles. Every morning I tied my hair up within one minute, then the rest of the day it no longer needs more attention. The only thing I have ever concerned is whether my hair is in its extremely neat. I looked like a machine robot, limited by so many rules to take control of things in the least natural way.

However, I changed a lot recently. I realized that when I stood in front of the mirror to comb my hair not to tie it up but to left it disordered as what I have done for last week. The spring wind would blow it when I am walking through the crowd, the dirty plate full of food would stick it when I am eating at school restaurant ...... All those things would not bother me too much to let my hair disordered in the most natural way.

Maybe the reason is I start to accept the uncertainty and chaos of the world.

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