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Jan 12, 2019 11:37:09


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Lex Tan

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Dinners, I've been told, are where families come together to share their days and thoughts.

There are families that will risk good food going cold, for the sake of communing with each other at the table. No one member is left behind, and not even sickness should stop someone from sitting at their lovingly filled plate when the time comes.

On the other hand, some families dive into the kitchen one after another to serve themselves separately when dinner time rolls around. The kitchen table a motley collection of whoever can be there, their schedules colliding only at opportune times. 

I've experience both, and either way, dinners have a way of holding significance to families. 

Whether it's a night out to save someone from cooking and cleaning that day, or a special reunion dinner to be enjoyed together when individuals can make the time for it.

But what happens when your values and opinions splinter off and begin to hurt each other instead? 

What happens when members develop families of their own, and assimilate dinner cultures of their own?

Whose responsibility is it then to keep everyone together? 

Must we blame someone for that lack of belonging, or should we look instead to the herd for being so quick to kick the black sheep out?

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