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Mar 11, 2019 01:07:17

Dim sum

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Victoria Maung

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I am greeted with the

Glutinous gleam of cold chicken feet

I chew down the

Cold-seasoned tendrils of beef tripe 

I split a

Cracked earth surface of a black sesame bun

I artfully eye the

Sprinkled green atop pale yellow cha siu bao

I play with small

Glistening crumbles of fried garlic over shrimp

I skewer a few

Roasted umber cubes encasing tender turnip

I doubt the color of the

Pastel orange of fish eggs nesting on siu mai

I struggle to part a

Bamboo-leaf wrapped savory peanut mochi ball

I shove down bowls of

Fish-turned-porridge, followed by fish-turned-rice-noodles

I pick at the 

Yellow sticks of fried battered shrimp

I splatter onto my plate

Stir-fried pea shoots coated in slicks of salt

I twist the tendons of the

Braised chicken feet with brightly hued peppers 

I crunchily chew the cartilage of 

Pale agglutinations of chopped steamed ribs 

I consume with a wide mouth the large 

Chunks of eggplant-sandwiched shrimp clusters

I quickly transfer into my mouth, one after another,

Layers of semicircle-shaped cold-cuts of beef

I work through

Rows of shrimp-stuffed mushrooms

I devour systematically 

Golden piles of crispy fried chicken wings

I, along with those with whom I share this decadence,

This endless gluttony

Call it nostalgia and priceless memory

As if only hedonistic tradition merits remembering.

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