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Mar 18, 2019 19:22:07

Differences between online and offline

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In the movie "Before Midnight", eighteen years later since Jesse and Celine's first meet in 1994. They have a dinner talk with their friends of whether the improvement of technology would make the human relationship less important.  

Actually, I have more efficient social communication online than offline now. I still enjoy face-to-face talk but it's rare to have a thought-provoking talking with others every day, even hardly for once a week. Real meet-ups are easy to be influenced and interrupted and most of them are going through with entertainments like shopping, dining and joking to make each other feel relaxed. So most of them end up with meeting up with everyone's average satisfies.

Online communication is much different. Since online communities exist for gathering strangers with similar hobbies or opinions without limitation of physical boundary, so access to online communities means you have something in common with others in general. Most importantly, online behaviors are accountable for category interests and record history for credits. Internet tracks all of our detailed behavior and forces people to obey the rules in the communities which is hard to realize in an offline relationship where people interact under moral discipline and private emotions to stay popular.

My mind is clearer online with specific goals and inspiring discussions, though I entertain myself more in face-to-face fulfillment offline from others' eye contact, body language, burst laughing. Indeed, I need both at a balance.

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