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Apr 26, 2019 06:30:07

Did I Say Easy?

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Brian Ball

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Getting back on the horse is a great sensation. It doesn't happen on the first day back, for me. It happens on the 2nd.

The first day back you are still a little embarrassed about the days you missed. You do the work, and you simmer in the pan a little about how you could be better; should be better. So you finish your work and forgive yourself and resolve to do better. You even set your clothes and shoes out for the next morning so the only thing you have to do is wake up, roll over, and be out the door.

Setting yourself up for success is a big part of success.

Wallowing in your failures is part of the feedback loop.

Using discomfort to push out of your comfort zone is standard practice.

In the movie Full Metal Jacket (1987), the Army drill instructor (DI) yells in the face of the new recruits. His singular goal is: discomfort. His goal of re-shaping the newly joined is simple. Break them into pieces and re-assemble them as soldiers.

If we get comfortable with our success, we drop the ball. We need to attend the tasks in life like a juggler. Not an amateur juggler constantly dropping balls and lacking coordination and sweating.

We want the professional jugglers stance. Confidence and agility and ease. 


All you must do is practice. And practice. And fail. And struggle. And lament. And suffer. And be embarrassed. And lose your ego. Oh. Did I say easy?

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