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Jan 07, 2019 04:31:14

Developing your weakness

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David nge

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When Kobe Bryant was a kid, it bothers him whenever something felt like a weakness. And like many beginner basketball player, dribbling the ball with your left hand (or offhand) has been his weakness.

So he worked really hard on his left hand. He'd brush his teeth with his left hand; write his name with his left hand, and use his left hand to do things he'd normally use his right hand for.

That's how Jobe Bryant sees it on the court and in life. Whenever he feels uncomfortable he'd immerse himself doing it repeatedly until he becomes comfortable. 

I want to do the same.

I love playing basketball too, and these are my weaknesses I have to improve:

- Finish under the basket

- Create separation from the defender

- Consistency in shooting form at the 3 point line.

Other areas that still make me uncomfortable is writing and programming. 

Thankfully 200words has become an avenue for me to pen down my thoughts on the random things I consumed online.

And I've started taking screenshots of cool webpages that I want to recreate, then write about it after. 

This will take time and patience, but it's the theme I have set for myself this year, to balance the things I consume by writing and putting stuff out there on the internet.

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    @davidnge thanks for good examples of developing your weakness and relationship with your story. This post relates me in multiple aspects. I try to overcome left-hand weakness by using left hand to brush or shoot free-throw as well as to get used to writing for the same reason. Although there has been the dilema between I should focus on enhancing strength or improving weakness. I hope writing would be beneficial for not only extrinsic reasons but also intrinsic ones for us i.e., a fun :)

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Jan 07, 2019 05:46:52
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