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Jun 01, 2019 04:41:59


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Victoria Maung

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There was a shooting in Virginia Beach today at a municipal center with at least 12 dead. I was just thinking of making a beach trip sometimes soon, and I'm sad to think that those who only wanted to relax in this peaceful destination become entangled with tragedy.

Tufted puffins of the Bering Sea suffered a mass die-off, one species of many that have washed onto dry shores in large numbers due to phenomena related to changing water temperatures. They were found emaciated, having to do with larger fish creating a bottleneck in the food supply by their warming-water-induced increased metabolic demands leading to the consumption of the puffin's primary food--smaller fish.

Trump raised tariffs on China (25% on $200B worth of Chinese goods), and now Mexico (as punishment for illegal immigration??), and somehow that's a political victory of Xi Jinping. Because of this, China is no longer buying our soybeans, our supply of rare earth minerals is threatened, and more. Because of this, the US is going to have to look elsewhere to by cars, car parts, oil, tv's, tractors, and more.

Derek Muller of Veritasium produced another viral video, this time titled World's Lightest Solid!. If you wanted to watch a demonstration of the production and thermal properties of aerogels, then this is the one to watch!

Simone Biles only has herself to compete against (and I guess technically the men's competition). She's training new skills: a double back tuck with triple twist (additional full twist to tucked double double / Silivas; possibly a J-rated move) and her signature Biles (G-rated) connected to a front layout, boosting her points to incredible new records.

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