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Jan 14, 2019 15:14:08


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Gene Lim

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Being a software developer focusing on full-stack does not mean that I am a designer too. A full-stack developer means that I have the knowledge of basic coding on the front-end such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as the back-end such as PHP or NodeJS including database communication like MySQL or MongoDB.

Right now I am tasked to do a learning portal application from scratch. Which means I will need to code from front-end to back-end and also touching the server to host the end result. Since I am building it from literally zero, I want to make sure what I am building will attract users and to keep user logged in daily.

There are 2 main section that takes an important role when building an application. The first would be the usefulness of the application, like how will it benefit the user. The second section will be the design. If the application looks like it is from the 90s or even a so not well crafted design, the user will not be motivated to use the application. If both of this sections can be combined together easily, chances of success is higher.

So I took some of my time doing research on the right design that fits the UIUX for the application. I have been scrolling through Dribbble.com and Behance.com for ideas. From what I have seen, almost every design related to what I am going to build is well crafted. Many are just mock ups which makes you wish that it was actually real. I added many related design to my bucket list and did a small drawing on paper to mix and match every design is nice and usable in the application that I am building. Some people will design it using designing platform such as Figma and Sketch, but as for me I prefer to directly code it out.

Next step is to build it up using HTML,CSS and Javascript and try to get the closes possible as the drawing.

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