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Jan 16, 2019 19:45:38

Design as an extension of self

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Victoria Maung

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I heard that poor designers design products the way they wish people could be, rather than the way they are. This reminds me of people like my brother. 

Lots of people like technicians, scientists, and engineers complain about the stupidity of the general public. We can't tolerate the unsignalled lane changes when we're driving. Anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers are beyond their comprehension. The logic of smokers, like I only smoke one cigarette per day, is appalling. Others' refusal to save up for retirement and instead travel the world is terrible logic. Then there's those other basic everyday tasks that certain people don't know how to do.

But maybe it's because we failed as a society to design things (including education) in a way that is accessibly understandable to the public. Proper and well-tested designs should intuitively communicate function to a majority of the population, then re-iterated in multiple modalities for the rest of them. We need to provide the resources and train the likes of technicians, politicians, and management to create products and systems that are transparent and easy-to-use. 

Essentially, ideas and products mean nothing without a means to communicate it to society, or without good design.

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