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Feb 26, 2019 18:31:57

depressive me (Olesya)// депрессивная Олеся

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I write here for 36 days. Most of my posts are about productivity. I wrote about my notice about this topic and how I tried to improve it because I had a lot of problems with productivity — I did something, worked, but I didn't reach a result. 

So, everything was okay. My productivity tips really helped me. For the first time, I thought "Yes, Olesya, thank you that you are doing your best! Keep it going!"

But... Olesya from January came back.

If you want to be productive, you need to follow rules. 

I stopped following rules a few days ago and now I feel depressed.

So, I have a few reasons to be depressive Olesya.

The first reason: I'm 19 years old and I DON'T EARN MONEY. These two facts make me sad because I'm working (but on my big project).

The second reason: my daily regime sucks. I wake up at 8-9 am again, because I go bed at 1-2 am.

The third reason: I participate in one contest (? I don't know how to call it) with my big project. Every week other applicants vote for other's progress on projects. Previous weeks were very good for me, I was on the top-10 of applicants in Europe and on the top-30 of Global leaderboard.
I worked hard this week, but it seems that not enough (other applicants work hard too). Now I'm on 20-place in Europe and on 86 in Global rank.

So, now I am not depressive, because I know the reasons for my recession. I'm going to start improving it now! It's 23:26 and I go to sleep. Then I'll wake up at 7:00 and everything will be good.

I noticed that you shouldn't pay attention to negative things, because in the future you will remember that you were sad and blank, but you won't remember the reasons for this feeling. (Or, maybe you even won't remember that you were sad and blank.)

What's time is it? It's 23:31, sir.

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