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Feb 20, 2019 02:03:01


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Victoria Maung

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I heard a quote that we make emotional decisions and use logic to rationalize them.

Then I learned that Mark Largent, author of Vaccine: The Debate in Modern America, found out that vaccine-skeptical parents trust the medical community, but don't trust "The feds, and pharma," in this article. It makes sense how one might come to a conclusion that vaccines cause autism if it's a convenient (but totally false) rationale for refusing vaccination.

And then The School of Life shares in a video that being too reasonable in a relationship isn't a recipe for success. Rather than giving an unwarranted solution to one person's problems, maybe that person is looking for a partner to give them comfort and reassurance and "fellow-feeling." Otherwise, the ill-received advice might not come across as kindness, but "disguised impatience."

In other words, logic is not the holy grail of human knowledge and experience compared with emotion. After all, it's difficult to learn the reason behind every single thing we do. I wouldn't be able to tell anyone why I do to things I do with good reason. If anything, confirmation bias tells me that exercise will help me live forever, and no one can convince me otherwise. 

Maybe we should have a paradigm shift in our thinking. Rather than thinking of the word "decision" as a connotation for logical thinking, it should be thought of as an agreement that balanced what's practical for everyone's emotional needs.


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