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Feb 16, 2019 21:09:07

Customer Break-ups

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Some customers are destined to break your heart.

Alas, not every personal relationship is meant to be.

Same goes for professional relationships.

Sometimes you'll lose a customer and will absolutely be your fault. You did something (or didn't do something) which resulted in the loss of a single sale, or perhaps an entire account.

But sometimes... a customer just may not be that into you. 

You may have a company you'd like to do business with on your hot list, but are they hot for you?

You have have even known deep in your heart that this account was not the best match for your company, your capabilities, or even your personality.

It's been my experience that in 3 to 6 months you'll probably hear through the industry grapevine that the customer you lost turned out to be an overbearing nightmare account at one of your competitors.

If you lose an account from time to time, chalk it up to the Fates and assume it just wasn't the right time to do business with that company. A "no" from a prospect right now isn't a "no" forever. It just means "not today".

At times like this it's good to remind yourself that the are plenty of other fish in your prospect pipeline. Stop dwelling on the loss and get back in the game!


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