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Apr 17, 2019 23:07:39

Cs Get Degrees

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Brian Ball

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The days disappear without even looking. Without a visual reminder -- a #streak -- its easy to skip a day or two or 5 every month.

If you miss 3 days in a 30 day span, you're out of the 90% zone. In the Public School System in California, 90% is where the B tops out and you're now into an A- grade. That is, to get an A, you have to complete your work with a 90% approval rating or 90% completion.

I've already missed more than 3 days this month. But, If I miss fewer than six, I'll still qualify for a B. Here's the kicker, a saying of sorts that I didn't take advantage of because I mostly scored well on tests -- but the people who thoroughly enjoyed their college experience lived by the motto: "Cs get degrees!"

A C is passing.

So, if a C is passing, why the emphasis on an A?

In my days's of the month example, a C is 70%. If 3 days is 10% of 30 - then you could miss nine days and still pass.

If we can be spending nine days doing other stuff - why the worry. There's plenty of cushion if you believe that passing is sufficient. Breathe. Take it easy. See what comes up with perfection is not something you even try for.

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