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Jun 18, 2019 08:16:53

creative detachment

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"You should emotionally detach from the outcomes of your work, focus on the work instead"


if you're just <writing> for yourself, why post it on HN and Reddit?

if you're <making> just for yourself, why put it up on producthunt?


There are projects (like lead gen), whose entire purpose it is to get attention. Success there is measured in how much attention they get, you should definitely celebrate that if it works.


There are other projects where attention is less important and some other KPI shines through.

Sometimes you want to express some deeply held truth, sometimes you want to validate an idea, sometimes you want a bunch of attention.


The exact thing you should celebrate really depends on what you wanted to achieve with the project.

And that's the key part 👇


Know what you want, _before_ your project goes out. Do not move the goalposts after.

Write it down if you can't stay honest


posts that get attention because they provide value tend to live longer


That is all, for once I had fewer than 200 words to say :D

So this at the bottom is filler and isn't giong to twitter because well I don't want it to.

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