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Jan 12, 2019 15:43:47

Crafting Cocktails

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Jeff Riddall

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Not to boast, but I believe I've become exceedingly adept at crafting beautiful, delicious cocktails. I have not taken a bartending course, though it is on my list of things to eventually do. I am not a licensed mixologist. However, I do have ample experience as the go to drink designer at friendly functions and I practice creating new concoctions regularly for my wife and other family members. Mixed drinks, much like food, are a combination of art and science.

Different occasions or circumstances call for distinctly different libations. Certain situations dictate bold, stiff elixirs, while others call for a kinder, gentler hand and a warm, soft finish. Drinks, be they alcoholic or not, have the power to invoke a wide range of emotions from calm to calamitous.

Of course, individual ingredients and flavours must always be carefully considered and blended to produce the optimal taste for the target audience. True cocktails should be hand built with the individual in mind.

There are, of course, also a visual design components including colour, tone and/or theme. Attention to detail adds to both the consumer's anticipation and enjoyment of the finished product. A sugared rim, a splash of blue curacao or a sprig of mint can make or break the portra

However, for me, the key ingredient in any tailored beverage does not come in a bottle, can or form factor. The quintessential component of my personally scripted liquid concoctions is LOVE. Whether it be conveyed via the detailed selection of each element, the mixing, muddling, shaking or stirring of the same or the heartfelt presentation of the final product. Love of the craft, the process and the cocktail's consumer should underpin each and every piece of art. Otherwise, it's just another drink.

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