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Jun 26, 2019 02:00:15

Cover Letter Framework ( basic )

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Brian Ball

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Writing a cover letter can cause stress.

We need a framework to follow.

Here are a few things “experts” recommend:

Match the employer’s needs with your skills. 

In the letter, appeal to the employer’s self-interest by matching their needs to the skills you have that will help them.

Arrange bullet points in a logical sequence. Organize paragraphs around the main point.

Basic fonts work well. Font sizes of 10 or 12 points allow you to get more on a page.

Include positive personal attributes like “Focused,” “Hard Working,” and “Team Player”

Your confidence will not skyrocket when you go to type out the first sentence.

Don't edit yet. Get some work on the page before you start making the work better.

Write 250 words before you even consider editing anything. ( you'll edit anyway )

Notice how your brain wants it to be better before it's done. Just notice that.

This editing task might be better if you hand it off to somebody. This way, you can write a really rough draft and then pass it to a friend who agrees to make comments and ask questions. This will start a feedback loop that will help you think through the issues. With this, you can make improvements.

The framework then is:

Make lists of potential employers.

Make lists of your skills and personal attributes.

Copy and paste between these lists to customize lists specific to companies and roles.

Write your cover letter roughly without editing.

Get a friend to review it and make some comments.

That will get you started. A get-started framework is better than a perfect one that you won't follow because it's too labor intensive.

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