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Jan 31, 2019 23:54:47

Community driven debugging

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Swizec Teller

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1. Always ensure the serverless.yml file you stole from the internet has the latest node version configured

That one character change can make all the difference 👌

2. Use community driven debugging 👇 #200wordsTIL


Why community driven debugging? Because your friends are smarter than you.

Look at this, I was stumped with a bug, wrote about it on Twitter and gave up.



Woke up the next morning and @lukeed05, @dpfrank07, @davidwells, @straiki, and @baddox fixed it for me.

<love gif>


Turns out I was being dumb. Just the sort of problem you will never find on your own. You go down a rabbit hole and you will never climb out yourself.

You're too close to the problem. You can't see the solution.


It's a string not an object! OF COURSE!! 🤦‍♂️


Hell I even suspected that was the problem while streaming. And after some console logging I convinced myself that my intuition was wrong.

But no bug can fool a sufficiently procrastinating group of engineers no siree


Community-driven debugging for the win.

Try it next time you're stuck, you might surprise yourself :)

And this is 17 words short of goal but other days I'm 100 words over sot aht totally counts right? Everythign averages out :P

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