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May 19, 2019 09:54:32

Coffee as a weekly theme

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Alcohol like wine, beer, whiskey, or sake is not the ones I can be an expert since I usually do not drink alcohol. I know there are a lot of things to learn and enjoy the differences regarding various aspects e.g., taste (sweetness, dryness), scent, years, region, brand, ways of brewing, ways of drinking, etc. Instead, coffee would be the one that I can spend more time. I drink coffee almost every day. However, I notice I do not know about coffee yet. 

Also, as a part of my experiment to nurture my epistemic curiosity, I would try to set a weekly theme this week to deep dive into one thing. By setting "coffee" as a theme for this week, let me focus and deep dive on coffee.

Here are the aspects that I plan to research and write about coffee this week 

  1. A better way to brew
  2. Relationship between regions and taste
  3. Nutrition and impact on health
  4. The way to become a barista
  5. A barista contest
  6. Coffee market and business in the world
  7. Latest technology to brew tastier coffee

To satisfy my epistemic curiosity as I wrote in this post "How to deep dive with epistemic curiosity", we should have two types of an intermediate gap 1) between the expectation and the reality, and 2) what I know and I do not. I hope the topics I will research above will bring me some appropriate surprises that I did not expect but not totally unexpected. For example, my way of brewing was not that great (which I expect though), and the new way will bring us better taste every morning. This could be overestimated. 

Let me know if you have any other aspect that would be interesting regarding coffee. 

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    @hiro understanding water quality is a big part of making coffee too. Hard and soft water, the amount of magnesium, pH level etc. Coffee stands out from wine in this aspect because we always need an extra element of water to brew coffee, unlike with wine it's extraction of grape juice. Perhaps it can be part of your curiosity and research too? ;) Looking forward to reading this series!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 20, 2019 20:33:36
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      @jasonleow thank you. your comment motivated me to write the series. I feel you are beyond my level. I never thought about water quality... but it makes sense. I would like to have the experimental environment to compare an apple to another apple to distinguish these elements one by one from a science perspective.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 21, 2019 21:52:52
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      @hiro glad i could help. enjoying your coffee posts so far

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 22, 2019 19:52:01
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