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Dec 27, 2018 09:04:01

Closing the loop

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Victoria Maung

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When I was an intern at a design strategy firm, my boss religiously reminded me to "close the loop."

That expression is corporate lingo for sending an email to confirm the completion of a task or project. Or in the context of chasing a lead, closing the loop can also refer to following up, checking in, or closing a deal.

Weirdly, it has since then been a guiding voice in my life. 

When I worked as an intern, I was tasked with various operational duties and many small design tasks all at once. It was a lot to prioritize. 

But even with the completion of minor tasks, my boss taught me that nothing is negligible. Whenever I delivered our package, verbally arranged a meeting with my fellow interns, or accomplished other tasks per request, she told me to update the requester on the status of the job is done, not just assume they'd trust me to complete the task. 

Now I have a habit of following through most of my life duties, big and small, with a sense of urgency because I feel obligated to the stakeholders involved in the duty. 

Furthermore, I have been far more careful with what I promise other people, even restraining from the casual "we should hang out sometimes," because I'll possess a reluctant responsibility to close the loop on that. 

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