Jan 12, 2019 05:41:54

Closing the gap

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Today I came back home to see my father. I'm not too far, just a 2 hours drive from the city where I live. On the way in the car with my friend, we were talking and turning the world upside down (it is a French expression, don't know if it means anything in English haha)  

We were talking about how we think that businesses will focus and invest more and more into causes that matter for their employees. A lot of young folks are getting in the working market and they won't settle down for a job in a company that doesn't share their vision of the world... Or at least share some of the important ones. It is an interesting subject and it made me think about how things evolved in the last decades.

For my father's generation, there were few but really important goals to achieve growing up. First, buy a car, they found a family and buy a house. This is a really simplified way of seeing things, but my point is that a lot of people from that generation just followed that path. It was the logical choice. But if I'm looking at it with my generation's eyes, I'm not seeing the same path for myself. Houses are way too expensive and load you with infinite payments. A car... I hope I don't have to buy one. It is only a pile of fixes and trips to the garage. I can just rideshare or rent a car if I really need it! 

I know me and my father have some generation clashes, but as the years go by, I feel like the gap is getting thinner. Maybe I'll never buy a house, or maybe I'll buy a car someday. But I know my father is planning on downsizing to a smaller house and reducing his carbon footprint. It just made me wonder how much each generation influence the other one. Hopefully, that balance makes the world a better place to live as time goes by. 

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