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Feb 26, 2019 20:28:21


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Yesterday was Chingay Parade for Johor; it is one of the significant events in Johor. People in Johor like to say for Johorean, the Lunar New Year end after Chingay ( instead of the standard 15th of Lunar January).

Since my family not really into this event, I also seldom visit it. I remember the times I get involved in is during my secondary school time, as a St. John Ambulance member, we been assigned to on duty for this event. So during Chingay, members of St. John Ambulance & Red Cross from all the local schools will gather to support it. We split out into a smaller group, like four people in a team and stand guard on a different station. Any public visitor or event participle of the event need medical help; we will be one to handle it. 

That's my memory about Chingay, after growing up and know the outside world more. Now then I know how major this event is. Thanks to technology, we can now just lie down comfortable at home and watch it online. Still, if possible when the 2 kids bigger, I think will bring them to join the live event to really feel this local event. So that they can understand more about places they grew up. 

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