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May 13, 2019 23:09:29

chernobyl and the culture of blame

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Been watching Chernobyl on HBO and it is easily one of the best shows ever. You should give it a try.

No bad CGI dragons here. Just nuclear disasters potentially killing 50,000,000 people in an instant.



My favorite part of HBO's Chernobyl is what a remarkable case-study it makes for why you should never build a culture that punishes mistakes and focuses on hierarchy.

When you punish mistakes, people don't make fewer mistakes. They hide them.


And when your people hide their mistakes, you can't rely on their reports when shit hits the fan. You fly blind.

So we have a reactor that blows up.

Oh but radiation is just 3.6 rΓΆntgen. No biggie.


Except 3.6 rΓΆntgen is the max their geiger counter reports. Good one is in a safe and they're too afraid to ask for it.


Anyone who says the reactor blew up is an incompetent fool. Reactors don't blow up. Stop spreading misinformation. Are you intentionally dissing the party? Party officials said reactors don't blow up and so the reactor did not blow up. Got it!?


Oh you saw graphite did you? WRONG! Reactors do not blow up. So where could the graphite have come from? You are an idiot.


Emergency goes as high up as Gorbachev. Nuclear reactors are a big deal. 

Gorbachev reads a mellow down report. Nobody wants to be guilty of anything. Might get punished. Each step up the hierarchy, the less dangerous it sounds.

Little fire, no radiation leak, everything contained.


Meanwhile people's faces are melting off from radiation.

And Gorbachev almost doesn't respond because all he hears is "All good, no biggie"

Don't punish mistakes. Encourage learning.

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