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Dec 22, 2018 14:57:58

Chance encounters

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Brandon Wilson

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Over the past several months I have noticed a few situations and met people and it felt like it was meant to be. 

I was on vacation across the country and met someone who was from my hometown. This chance encounter introduced me to a business opportunity. I was at a weekend business training event, and I had a moment of clarity in my personal life that led me to focus on health. Last night I went to a gathering of neighbors by the fire pit and met someone who quit his job and is taking a leap to start a company specializing in producing podcasts. He could be a great resource for some of the endeavors I have planned.

Are these really chance encounters or are they some sort of divine intervention? What I do know is that these encounters happened because I made choices that took me out of my normal daily life. I took a vacation. I went out of town to training. I put myself in a social situation of meeting new people, which tends to be uncomfortable for me. 

I listened to a podcast recently where John Lee Dumas interviewed Michael Hyatt who said that all the great things in your life happen outside of your comfort zone. It's not a guarantee, of course. But I'm going to start pushing myself more beyond my usual limits and way of life. I have a feeling there will be more "chance encounters."

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