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May 16, 2019 23:34:01

Celine's laws

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So I dug into Celine's laws last night and this shit is fascinating. Comes from the transhumanist side of things, Shea's Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Later followed up by the non-fictional Prometheus Rising. Might ring a bell :P

Thanks @air_hadoken for mentioning this the other day


Ok so Celine's laws. There's 3 of them and I haven't read the trilogy so I'll do my best here

Author's claim is that these laws universally describe all cultures and are an emergent behavior of basic human psychology.



1) National Security is the chief cause of national insecurity.

If you trust nobody and fear external influences, you need a secret police that has lots of power to blackmail etc. You then need a higher level to police the police ...

Recursion overflows and everyone is in constant danger from the apparatus itself.


2) Accurate communication is possible only in a non-punishing situation.

"communication occurs only between equals"

"The levels below the leaders are more interested in keeping their jobs than telling the truth."



3) An honest politician is a national calamity.

A dishonest politician is only interested in lining their pockets and therefore harmless. 

An honest politician seeks to cause change, which means more laws. Laws restrict freedoms, create criminals, and cause problems.



Last Celine's law is kinda out there but I can see the logic. Now I want to read Prometheus Rising.

Do I know anyone who has?

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