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Apr 14, 2019 05:41:31

Catnap; until the cows come home; a can of worms β€” meaning, usage, examples

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It's a busy day for Moana, she has already done a lot of things. She needs to have a short rest. Moana is going to have a catnap to continue her day and boost in energy.

Catnap means short, light rest, quick sleep or to have a quick sleep and short, light rest.

There are some examples:

I need to take a catnap, because I'm very tired.

She is going home to get a catnap before they go out.

I need more sleep than just a catnap.

Until the cows come home

At one point in time, people must have waited for their cows to come home. It was a very long and slow process, so they could wait until the end of the night.

The idiom means indefinitely; without end; for a very long time; many years; forever.

There are some examples:

She is very interested in drawing, she can do it until the cows come home, but today she is tired.

It seems that the situation will continue until the cows come here.

A can of worms 

Sometimes, we have problems, but sometimes we have very big problems or situation that can end with big problems for us.

A can of worms means a bad situation or a problem with an unknown outcome.

There are examples:

She always opens a can of worms.

We shouldn't talk about that, please, do not open a can of worms.

People also can say another word with "a can" β€” whoopass. Example: "Don't make me open a can of whoopass on you.", they mean "Don't make me fight with you."


These words I found on English, baby! and I decided to tell you about it. What interesting idioms and words you know in English?

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