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Jun 22, 2019 13:26:05

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Janne Koponen

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There are different ways to categorize what I write. For some time now i have used tags to roughly give an idea what the post is about. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of earlier posts with no tags. Maybe I should go back and tag all of them as well someday.

In addition to tags there are many posts that fall into one or more general categories by the type and topic. Like these kind of meta posts where i talk about my writing or texts that just tell about my day. Then there are those posts about my thoughts, the ones with some advice or wisdom. There has also been some posts about the events I have attended, travel posts and movie or book reviews.

The can also be grouped by the time I have written them. The morning posts and the evening posts. And those rare ones I have written there somewhere in between, during the day. 

And then there are the ones that are mostly just some random thoughts and ramblings simply to get the writing done.

Length could be yet another criteria to distinguish different kind of posts. The one's that are just above 200 words, the ones that are quite a bit longer and another few that have been written before the 200-word limit and are even shorter.

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