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Mar 12, 2019 20:19:04

Catch a cold

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Someone said if you invent the cure for "catching a cold", you could earn Nobel prize. 

80 - 90% of cold comes from virus that might be more than 400 plus variety with different types. There is no way to kill this kind of virus so far. 

Then what do the medications and medicines prescribed by a doctor do for a cold? These are just helpers to mitigate the soreness or reduce obstacles produced by the impact of a cold like nose water so that we can eat more nutricious food, drink more water, warm up the bpdy, and take longer rest in a more comfotable manner.

What actually fights against these random virus is our immune system. We can just help it to be recovered.

The virus is killed by imnune system when our body has a certain heat. There are some medicines to cool down your body temoerature. This is not actually helping the immune system. Instead, it would be better ti sweat a lot in a warm bed and keep the body temoerature higher than usual.

I caught a cold in the middle of highly demanding newborn care and became useless to help my wife. I need to recover by taking rest and eat / drink more.

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