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May 12, 2019 09:14:30

Car Troubles

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Jeff Riddall

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Yesterday was a bit of an adventure, which luckily had a happy ending and a positive moral.

We had plans to travel an hour and a bit down into the city for a late Easter, early Mother's Day, late birthday and general family celebration with the Boy's girlfriend's family. We were going to get an early start and find somewhere along the way to go for a wee nature hike. However, our plans were interrupted by a large stream of brake fluid emanating from under the back end my car. I had only had my vehicle in the shop to repair the rear brakes two days prior. I had noticed they were a little "squishy" the night before and hoped the condition would pass.  It apparently had not and, if anything, had significantly worsened. With it being our only available mode of transportation, we scrambled to figure out our next course of action. I performed a quick test and determined the brakes still somewhat worked, so we decided to drive it to another shop as our regular mechanic does not work on Saturdays. The alternative shop was not going to be able to schedule us in on such short notice. They were, however, able to determine our brake line was completely severed and declared the car unfit to drive. Our only viable option was to have our crippled chariot towed to our mechanic's shop where it would sit and await repair until Monday.

We called around to friends and acquaintances we know to see if anyone might be able to loan us a car for the day. Unfortunately, being Saturday when people are busy doing the family things we were supposed to be doing, this option proved fruitless.

As our car was being unloaded from a hired flatbed in our mechanic's parking lot, I left him a fairly terse message regarding our state of affairs and told him I would begrudgingly see him first thing Monday morning. I made it fairly clear I was not interested in paying for any more work to be done as I had just paid a sizable invoice.

Carless and pissed off, my wife and I decided to walk a couple of kilometers into town where we would drown our sorrows in adult beverages and ponder our next move, which may include walking or cabbing another roughly 10 km home. Momma was not at all happy about missing a visit with her firstborn.

After a wee walkabout, we stumbled into one of our favourite watering holes and ordered our liquid remedies along with a little lunch. Moments later, my phone rang and I saw it was my mechanic who had obviously checked his voicemail. He claimed he had come into his shop to address an issue with his own vehicle. He started with an apology and said he had already diagnosed our car's problem, but wouldn't be able to get a part until Monday. I relayed the news to my spouse who's eyes welled up with tears. The good news just kept on coming. We may need to order a second round of drinks. We both took solid swigs and waited on lunch.

Then my phone rang again. The mechanic again, calling to report he could obtain the needed part and would patch the vehicle up post haste. This news was relayed to my wife and immediately turned her frown upside down. A little over an hour later we met our mechanic at his shop. He apologized profusely for what he said was an oversight on his part and added to not worry about any charges for the work he performed on his day off.

We arrived at our party a little later than planned, momma got to see her son, I lost the postponed Easter egg hunt and everything was better than fine.

The moral of the story is...one of the most important things you can find in life is an honest mechanic and yes, they do exist. 

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    @Rawhead An honest mechanic is very valuable, and I'm sure he was also motivated by the fact that your vehicle left his repair shop unsafe for driving. I'll take minor inconvenience over major car wreck any day of the week.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 12, 2019 09:34:21
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      @brandonwilson Tell me about it. In fairness to him, I asked a few people and they all said it would have been difficult to catch. He did give me the old broken hose as evidence.

      Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | May 12, 2019 22:47:35
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