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Mar 30, 2019 14:14:00

Can you see the improvement?

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I have been here for a while already (82 days). I didn't come to 200WaD cuz my aspiration would be to become a writer. I just liked the project and make a habit of writing seem nice. Also, I have my own blog it started 3 years ago, before my trip to Canada and it is mostly about my life-changing experience. The topics I was writing about was mainly about traveling, working and ordinary life. 

I think it's the similar writing style to my 200WaD profile .. nothing super deep just easy personal things. 

After my comeback home, I didn't have many topics to write about and it looks like the blog is gonna end. 

So because of the 200WaD, I would stay in the writing process somehow.

So far I must say it is a success. I am still here, the streak is going and what is the best I started again with my blog. I found the topic I can write about which can easily fit there.

If I am talking about my writing skills itself I think it is worse than in the beginning I am slowly forgetting my English cuz I don't use it in my country much.

On the other hand, I think it is much easier to start writing and if I have a topic to write about it's super simple to put it down and I am having fun to write.

Long story short ... I feel good!:)


I don't wanna hear your feedback about my writing cuz I would cry haha. 

But more interesting would be hearing observations about your writing. 

Do you think you improved your writing cuz of 200WaD or is it at least easier to write for you now?

Let me know.


Stay with me. Efran.

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