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Mar 21, 2019 06:48:38

Can't Make it, Draftium

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Nope, Draftium is not about what you provide; I love your service; that's why I willing to subscribe and become an early paid user, but your support sucks. I have been having support nightmare with them, not the base support, more like their higher level support, slow support and not in sync with what their promise.

So Draftium launch on producthunt three months ago, after some playing with it, I think it will be good for me to use as an agency tool and there is a promo for the early paid user, I upgrade my account to an annual paid subscription.

One month plus later they launch a lifetime deal on Appsumo, this feels suck because I just become a paid user and you start a lifetime deal. They provide one code for ten projects LTD and two code for unlimited projects LTD. Although I did suggest it will be good for the current paid user to buy one code and getting upgraded to an unlimited plan, it seems like Draftium refuses to do this. So I check with them again and it looks like I can buy one code and the Appsumo deal will live after my 1-year subscription ( the current subscription is unlimited ).

So after I buy the code and send it through support, it takes a few days to get back and upgraded my account to Appsumo plan. I file a support mention it should be live after my current subscription? But the support keep reply and say the Appsumo deal is a better plan, huh what about what I paid you before that?

After a few rounds with the support, I don't feel good with it; I decided to refund the Appsumo code and request to revert to my standard subscription. After 3~4 days of the request, the support comes back and say if want to return to the standard subscription; I need to pay the difference of the current plan because of the previous subscription coupon code ( the one I use when Draftium launch at product hunt ) already invalid.

I m really angry on this, not the service, but the inflexible of the support and anything they just blame the finance system not allow to do this, can't do that. I decided to cancel the service and thinking to chargeback.

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    I’m really sorry that you’ve faced with such experience with us.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine different offers, especially those ones that are not running at the same time. That is what exactly you've requested from us, to combine huge discount that was valid in December and even bigger offer that is valid in March.
    You have to choose which one is the best for you :)
    A couple of days ago on your demand as an exceptional case (normally we do not do this) we switched you back to your annual subscription and system by mistake charged some amount from you.
    We do really apologize for that. I can confirm that we refunded that amount back to your card - sorry again for this.

    Could you please let me know how I can help you now to decrease your frustration?

    Have a great day!

    CMO at Draftium.com

    Victoria avatar Victoria | Mar 29, 2019 11:27:58
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      @victoria90 this has been resolved but as I mention in my post the problems are not about the discount.

      1. Not everyone knows what happen, what your people promise on app sumo is not aware by your helpdesk.
      2. It takes a few days to get the correct thing right, if you check my support chat, like the first time say can upgrade ask for my credit card then reply say cannot etc.
      3. While Appsumo says it will start 1 year later, your support just upgrades my account anyway and telling me is more worth it.
      4. When I want to revert back and your support ask me to pay more.

      It's not about you don't let the earlier adopt user getting more offer, is about this whole frustrating process.

      Knight avatar Knight | Mar 30, 2019 06:59:06
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