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Dec 08, 2018 21:44:18

Café Doscientos

by @brianball PATRON | 203 words | 389💌

Brian Ball

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I emerged from the dark into the illumination of a dim streetlight. Something moving near the ground caught my eye. I looked down to see what it was and noticed a dim flickering on the ground: 128. I looked around to see if I noticed a connection. I decided to keep walking. As I stepped, another flicker appeared and I looked to see 129 appear on the ground. I took another step, 130. It seemed to be counting my steps.

I walked slowly through the light toward my destination and noticed the number increase with each step. What was this? Where did it start? What triggered it?

I continued pondering this thought walking toward my rendezvous. It started to rain a little but I had a decent coat and wasn't afraid of a little moisture. I couldn't figure out what the numbers could mean. I was given directions to meet somebody at a specific time and location and that's where I was headed.

Approaching a darkened street, I detected a little street traffic and a well lighted establishment past a closed bank. On the door to the diner, a faintly lit decal said Café 200. The number now afoot: 200.

I pulled the door and grabbed a booth.

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