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Feb 04, 2019 23:35:13

Buying the Same Game Every Year

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Keenen Charles

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Every year in the first few months I make the same declaration. I'm not going to buy the new FIFA this year. And every year in the final few months, I succumb to temptation and buy the damn thing.

It's a fun game and I probably get my money's worth. The problem is, every year it's practically the same game with just a few cosmetic changes. Maybe a new gimmick. And a new paint job splashed on the UI.

But those cosmetic changes are so appealing...

Every year they basically make you pay full price to get an updated roster, the new season's kits, and a handful of tweaks to the gameplay. But goddammit I want those new kits and the updated roster so bad. When I'm watching the teams play in their new kits every week and then I go back to the old FIFA with last year's kits, it takes away some enjoyment. They should just update the core game for a fraction of the price.

It's silly. And not fair. But also kind of genius?

EA has perfected a strategy that never fails to deliver ridiculous sales every year. They might occasionally add a big new feature but they know fans will desperately want the new rosters and kits. I despise it so much and hope to stop supporting the game until they make they make the big improvements fans are crying out for.

But then the new season starts and my will erodes.

Maybe this year I'll keep my word.

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